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Nicklas Ojakangas

+46 73 152 86 59

European Patent Attorney, Authorized Swedish Patent Attorney, Management team, COO at Bergenstråhle & Partners Linköping




Nicklas is a European Patent Attorney and an Authorized Swedish Patent Attorney and has been active in the IP field since 2002, both in industry and private practice. Before that he has worked with R&D. He is COO at Bergenstråhle & Partners Linköping and part of the management team.
Nicklas is a consultant that works with most aspects of intellectual property for clients, but is specialized in patent matters. For example, he works with investigations, preparation and processing of patent applications, infringement and validity analysis, freedom to operate investigations, etc., as well as with IP related strategies and IP-based technology & business valuations, and counselling regarding intellectual asset management in general.
Nicklas holds a M Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering and experience from a broad field of various technologies, for example telecommunications, data networks, image processing & visualization, sensors, signal processing, filters, software, encryption, LEDs, organic electronics, semiconductors, digital television and medical technology.
Prior to joining Bergenstråhle Nicklas was at antother IP consultancy firm where he worked as a European Patent Attorney and consultant for 6 years, and before that he was at Awapatent for 7 years. Nicklas has further worked as a patent engineer responsible for patent activities at an R&D site of Thin Film Electronics. He also has experience working in one of Nokia's R&D units.


Patent drafting and prosecution, IP counselling, IP strategy, Searches and investigations such as regarding patentability, infringement, validity, freedom-to-operate, IP management, Oppositions, Technical litigation support, IP-based technology & business valuation


Electronics & Mechatronics, Visualization and Image Processing, IT & Telecom, Digital & Software, Health & Medtech, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Physics